Monday, December 7, 2009

The Start of a Blog

Well actually this blog was supposed to be started several months back. I always wanted to create one once our daughter Elizabeth was born so that friends and family near and far would be able to keep up with all of her milestones. I tried to think of a name for the blog, I wanted something a little catchy and unique, something that really depicted our life as our new little family, all I kept thinking was "our life is beautiful". I called Tony at work to let him know my thoughts of this new blog and that I had titled it " A Vida E Bela"- I had googled how to say it in Portuguese and this was what I came up with. He thought it sounded like a great idea, but that he was in the middle of a project and that we'd talk about it later...he wasn't quite sure I had my Portuguese translation correct. Flash forward three months later and here I am. My life has changed completely and the title of this blog should now read our 'life was beautiful'. I can't believe my dear sweet Tony is gone... It still puzzles me to no end how this could have happened and here I am picking up where I left off, on the start of a blog that now has a completely new meaning.

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  1. Sarah...
    I just saw this, and it cut me to the quick how hard everyday must be for you. I hope each day or month, or maybe year gets a little easier for you, and if it doesn't that's okay too. Thoughts can keep you company ;) It was so wonderful seeing you a few weeks ago, and I look forward to September.
    Lots of big hugs~