Saturday, June 5, 2010

Daddy's Little Girl

It is amazing the love that you have for your children. I always knew that I wanted kids and knew that I would love being a mom, but this love that you have is something that you can't even explain until you experience it. Everyday Elizabeth seizes to amaze me with her new discoveries and her incredible personality. I can't believe how much personality this kid has for a one year old...what is even wilder than that is how much her personality is like Tony's -her sense of humor, the looks she gives when she is being silly, how she greets and says "hi" to every kid at the park- big or small, and how she loves a good cuddle. Though I try not to, I often picture what would've been- I can see her all cuddled up on the couch with him, working out in the yard as he shows her how he builds something, sitting on his lap by the campfire. These are the thoughts that torture my head and often bring me to tears. He would be so enamored with her and all of her discoveries.She was going to be a daddy's girl for sure. We could all see it from the time she was born. I often think about a few years down the road when all of the questions will arise about her daddy. I want her to know him as best as possible.We look at pictures of him and talk about him all the time- she points and says "dada".We talk about him and the things that he loved- but just as a parent cringes with the first big fall or scrape on their child's knee I too cringe at the thought of her hurting because she has no daddy and "why is he not here?" and all of the other zillions of questions that are to come...

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